Dual-Reflective Films

Dual-ReflectiveDS is an alternative to the SymphonyDS line and offers a different “look” to the customers. dual reflectiveOther feathers and benefits include:

  • Excellent solar performance inclduing heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
  • A warm, natural appearance
  • A dyed-material hybrid construction
  • Lower interior and exterior reflectivity, therefore, the view of the outside is unaltered
  • Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty



Dual Reflective film is offered in three variations.


DS 35

Visible Light Transmittance: 35%

Solar Energy Rejection: 53%

UV Rejection: 99%

DS 25

Visible Light Transmittance: 25%

Solar Energy Rejection: 66%

UV Rejection: 99%

DS 15

Visible Light Transmittance: 15%

Solar Energy Rejection: 75%

UV Rejection: 99%